This year: A Trailer!

This is a special post to show off our new trailer!

Thanks to Jason Ryan, a Coyote parent, a State Farm Agent, and a generous sponsor of the Coyotes.  He graciously purchased a trailer for our team this year.

We’re working on getting graphics done, and racks installed. In fact, here’s an action shot of the trailer at Rolling Grey (Brett Kincaid’s design studio) getting outfitted (by Freida!) with some seriously awesome racking mechanisms. Thanks to Brett for design and his entire family for the build-out. That’s some serious manual labor and creative design work on behalf of the program!

It’s going to be a great season, and now we have a way to haul our stuff. MANY thanks to you both for what you’ve done to get us off on the right foot this year!

Freida getting the trailer ready for bikes.