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Becoming a Coach:

A key facet of the MiSCA program, and thus the Coyotes, is the low student to coach ratio. The Coyotes strive to maintain a 5:1 ratio of coaches to riders at our practices. That means we need plenty of parent-coaches willing to ride with the team on a regular basis. Fortunately, MiSCA provides a structured and effective process for becoming a coach. For all the details, visit the MiSCA site itself. Here is a summary:

There are three levels of MiSCA Coach Certification. Parent-volunteer coaches should seek Level 1 certification so they can help with practices. All Coyotes coaches are unpaid volunteers.

All coaching levels cost $30/year, paid to MiSCA through SI Play. This cost covers your NCSI Background Check and MiSCA training. First Aid and CPR are your responsibility. The easiest way to get First Aid and CPR is often through the American Red Cross.

Level 1 Coach

  • Role: Mid-pack rider or a sweeper at practice. Helps with race-day setup and tear-down.
  • Requires: Background Check, Concussion Training, MiSCA Coach Orientation

Level 2 Coach

  • Role: Level 1 + Ride leader at practice.
  • Requires: Level 1 + First Aid, CPR, MiSCA Ride Leader Training, 30 hours of fieldwork annually

Level 3 Coach

  • Role: Level 2 + Teach MTB handling skills
  • Requires: Level 2 + MiSCA Skill Course, 60 hours fieldwork annually

For all the details and to get started, visit MiSCA.