It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… 4!

You will register in three different places. The West Michigan Coast Riders (our parent club), the Coyotes (so we know who you are) and MiSCA (so you can race for the team). Then you can order a sweet jersey.

Step 1: West Michigan Coast Riders (WMCR)

See you at the races!

Cost: $20 per rider or $35 for family (annually)
Where: West Michigan Coast Riders online registration page
Why: The WMCR owns the team, provides insurance, USA Cycling affiliation and the financial support required to make the Coyotes a thing.
Bonus: There are other benefits to being a WMCR member, be sure to check out the benefits by scrolling down on the WMCR membership page.

*When WMCR registration is complete, it is important to forward your confirmation email to

Step 2: West Michigan Coyotes

Cost: $0
Where: West Michigan Coyotes online registration page. This is a requirement before attending your first practice. The good news is, it only takes about 10 minutes.
Why: Your rider is important to us. It’s a requirement from a safety perspective.

Step 3: MiSCA

Cost: $50 per racer (annually) covers league membership.
Where: MiSCA (Michigan Interscholastic Cycling Association) online registration page. You will need to indicate the West Michigan Coyotes as your team. When signing up for races, you will use this same tool to pre-register. Cost per race is $20 (online) or $25 (race day).
Why: SI Play is MiSCA’s chosen management platform. It gives them access to all team rosters for scoring, race registrations and coach communication. This is a necessary step for race results to count for our team. But if you want to just try a race, MiSCA does allow that once without the $50 fee.
Bonus: SI Play has a solid mobile app that lets you see race information and results from your smartphone.

*When MiSCA registration is complete, it is important to forward your confirmation email to

Step 4: Order a jersey! Start riding.

Cost: $25-$75 per jersey
Where: For now, please email our coaches to order.
Why: Our team uniform is our jersey. You’ll need this for race day. There are other cycling kit options (shorts, long-sleeves, shirts, etc) for sale, but the jersey is your official uniform so start there.