Team tent area at Cannonsburg, 2018

Parents, the MISCA season is fast and furious. We have 6 races in a short period of time and suddenly it’s over as quickly as it began. It’s not exactly a well-oiled machine, but we have learned a few things in our 3 years as a team.

How do I know what to do, when and where?

  1. Is practice canceled due to bad weather?
  2. Where is Trail XYZ?
  3. What should I bring to race-day?
  4. Who is coaching this week and where? (And when?)

First and foremost, connect with us! We try to think of everything and include it in multiple communication channels but we are happy to answer your personal emails as well.

Email: Sign up to get the latest information and updates in our almost-weekly newsletter

Text Reminders: Sign up to know last-minute changes to practices and/or races due to weather, etc.

Facebook: LIKE us to view pictures and information

Coyotes Website: Check back with us often for all the extra information you will ever need

What does practice look like?

Our fall practice schedule stays pretty consistent August-October. Each practice is usually a mix of skill building, endurance building, and team building. We usually split into groups based on speed so our most experienced riders get the workout they need while our newer riders have time to build the confidence they need on their bikes.

What does my rider need to bring to practice?

  1. Your Bike – in good working order. As noted at our parent information nights, we don’t really have the time in our short practice window to fix bikes. A pre-season tuneup is a good idea. Our sponsor shops (Central District Cyclery and Breakaway Bicycles) both offer discounts to team members, as well as generous contributions to our team’s wellbeing.
  2. Your Helmet – free of crash-related damage or cracks. Helmets are mandatory. We sometimes throw some extras in the trunk of our car, but please try to remember yours.
  3. Water bottle – with water or a sports drink. We are sponsored by Hammer Nutrition. Contact a coach for how to place an order and get 40% off as a team-sponsor discount.
  4. Healthy Snack for afterward (or $ for tacos on Tuesdays)
  5. Bug Spray – #puremichigan ticks are not our friends.
  6. Bike Light (late September & October). We have a set for check-out as well, but if you have your own, bring it for sure.
  7. Appropriate Clothing – check the weather forecast (on cooler days, have something warm to wear after or a change of clothes).
  8. Waivers and Forms filled out and signed ahead of time (if this is your first practice). This is mandatory to get going.

When and where do the Coyotes practice?

  • TuesdaysCannonsburg Ski Area. Bring a few bucks for tacos after we ride. If you like s’mores they sell those too. It’s hard to beat the Burg on Tuesday nights. Official Tuesday practices start in August, but if you’re on the email list, we’ll be sure to let you know if we get started earlier. Official time and start-date TBD.
  • Thursdays – Rotating around West Michigan. We have a ton of trails, so even the allure of tacos and s’mores is not enough to keep us from Merrell, Luton, Wahlfield, Mosquito Creek, Upper Mac, and others. We’ll let you know where to go. Official time and start-date TBD.
  • Times – Practice times vary by time of year (but generally in the evenings). Be sure to sign up for emails, texts, and Facebook to receive updated information quickly!

What does race day look like?

Race days for MiSCA are Sundays.

Specific times will be communicated before each race. As a guideline though, Varsity, Junior Varsity, Advanced Middle School, and Middle School riders should arrive at the trailhead by 8:45 am to set up and get in a warmup ride. Elementary riders can show up later as their race time is closer to noon. Specifics will go out in our newsletter. The race schedule and locations are available on our Coyotes website. First-time racers should focus on MiSCA, our primary team race series. There are other opportunities for more experienced racers, and you will often see Coyotes on the podium at races across Michigan.

Race Day Checklist:

  1. Bike – In good working order.
  2. Helmet – In good working order.
  3. Change of Clothes – There’s a good-sized delay between the races and the podiums. Plan to eat lunch at the race (see comments about food/drink below). It’s a fun time to bond as a team and racing makes riders really, really hungry.
  4. Camp Chair(s) – for parents and riders (look for our Coyotes tent to set them up)
  5. Water bottle – with water or a sports drink for before/during your race
  6. Sunscreen and/or Bug Spray
  7. Food/Drink (there will be a sign-up sent out prior to race-day to bring team snacks and pot-luck lunch (post-race). All family members are welcome!