We get our gear from multiple vendors, so please follow directions below to purchase gear.

2019 Downhill Jerseys

We’re not a downhill team, but we sometimes act like one. You asked for jerseys so we got some designed and you can order them now. This store closes after the Brighton race on Sunday, September 15th.

2019 Extra Gear – COMING SOON

A few extra items were ordered. I’ll post inventory here shortly.

2018 Gear Clearance

We have a few items left, but the inventory needs an update. I’ll post a list soon.

Vie13 Online Store – 2019 Gear

Vie13 Provides our jerseys, bibs, jackets and hats.

This Vie13 online store closed August 31st. We’ll let you know when gear arrives. We hope to have it by the Merrell race.

2019 Casual Wear Shop

The Screen Print Dept. provides our hoodies, socks and t-shirts

This store closed September 4th. Gear should arrive in time for the River Bends Race.