We have some gear leftover from our various purchases. You can buy it here wear it with pride and rest assured that we aren’t cool enough to have dramatic style shifts from year to year. Whatever you buy now is going to look just as good next year as it does today.

To order any of this gear, you’re going to email the coaches, make a check out to West Michigan Coast Riders and bask in the glory of your new purchase. It’s seriously that easy.

Distressed Logo T-Shirt – $15

Grey t-shirt with a distressed logo you say? What is this, 1973? Own a part of the dream, for just $15. The only thing odd about this shirt is that we still have some in stock.

  • Small (2)
  • XXL (2)

Official Coyotes Hoodie – $40

A fleece hoodie that won’t shrink (non-cotton, polar-style fleece) turned out to be our most popular casualwear item for 2019. They’re warm, you’re cold. Get together!

  • L (4)
  • XL (1)

Pullover, Long-Sleeve – $20

Slightly thicker than a long-sleeve t-shirt, these are cool-weather essentials for the discerning Coyotes fan.

  • Small (3)
  • Large (1)
  • XL (2)

Short-Sleeve Jersey – $40

Racing in skin-tight bike jerseys is as traditional as baguettes and brie, spaghetti and bolognese or Jamón Ibérico and Vichy Catalan. These euro-fit jerseys would look the part anywhere from Lenzerheide to Luton, from Merrell to Maribor or from the Giro de Italia to the Game Area at Cannonsburg. Get some!

  • 2018 issue (different sponsors on the back, same team logos)
    • 2XS Women’s Specific
    • XL
  • 2019 issue
    • M Women’s Specific (2)
    • XL (2)
    • 2XL

NOTE: These jerseys run very very small (euro-size!). As an example, Coach Miller wears an XL in American t-shirts and a 3XL or 4XL in these jerseys.

Racing Bibs – $40

As the saying goes, “racing bibs make the racer.” Actually, that’s not even remotely true, but having some team-branded biking shorts that won’t fall down mid-ride makes a great difference to races and leisure rides as well. Don’t knock the padding either. In all honesty, $40 is an unmatchable price for bibs. The fact they’re also team-branded just sweetens the deal.

  • XL (1)