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First Time Attendees: If you’re new to the Coyotes, welcome! We’re excited to have you on the team. Please be sure to officially join the team before your first ride. This is a mandatory step to cover you under our insurance in case of injury.

Practice Schedule:

MISCA Season 2019

Please register for MISCA if you haven’t already. August 4th was the deadline for custom nameplates, but you can decide to race at any time during the season!

September Practice Schedule

We will likely be moving practices to 6pm in September. To deal with decreasing evening daylight.

Eventually, practices will be conducted with lights, after dusk. Central District Cyclery, graciously donated enough rechargeable bike headlights for the entire team to practice when the sun goes down. If you have a need for bike parts or service, please consider their shop as they have been extremely supportive of the team.

A full September schedule will be posted in the new few weeks.

Gear Checklist:

Gear matters. You don’t need the best gear, but you do need the right gear. Here’s our list of what to bring to practice every week as well as a set of recommendations that might enhance the ride.

Mandatory Gear for Practice:

  • Helmet – Worn any time you’re on your bike. Even in the parking lot.
  • Bike – In working order. We have limited time together. Please come ready to ride.
  • Water – Dehydration is the worst. Don’t go there.
  • Closed-Toe Shoes – Sandals and mountain biking don’t get along. Save your toes!

Recommended Gear for Practice:

  • Cycling Gloves – Helps keep sweaty hands on those handlebars.
  • Bug Spray – Ticks carry disease. Mosquitos carry diseases too. Our trails have both types on our trails. Bug spray is a really good idea.
  • Medical supplies – Inhalers, epi-pens, etc. as needed for your child (or you!)
  • Hydration Pack – It’s easy to drink from than a bottle. They can be pricey though, bottles are fine if you don’t already own one of these.
  • Clothing for after the ride – Riding is the easy part clothing-wise. It’s being sweaty in the sun/wind/rain afterward that can be uncomfortable. Be sure to bring the right clothing for after the ride.
  • Spare Tube, tire levers – The most common repair mid-ride is going to be a flat tire. Coaches will have gear to help with this, but having your own spare tube is a great idea (to be sure we have the right size).